The iconic Mötley Crüe vocalist Vince Neil‘s girlfriend Rain Hannah posted her picture on stage on Instagram and Vince responded by declaring he was fully prepared for the forthcoming tour.

As you might recall, Mötley Crüe star Vince Neil has been the target of criticism due to his weight and low performances during the band’s previous tour. The fans and critics gave Vince a hard time for his bad physical shape which caused him underperformed.

Mötley Crüe was planning to reunite for a tour named ‘The Stadium Tour‘ in 2020 after the success of their biographical film, ‘The Dirt.’ While the fans had been worried about the band’s performance that might be turned out as a disaster, Mötley Crüe members had to postpone their plans due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recently on Instagram, Vince Neil’s longtime girlfriend Rain Hannah posted a photo of herself on stage. On the caption of her post, she stated excitedly:

We are ready to go back to work!!!

As a response to Rain’s post, Vince Neil commented:

“We’re ready!!!”

See the photo Rain Hannah posted on her Instagram account below.

According to the photos Vince and Rain have been sharing on Instagram, Vince seemed to be dedicated himself to get shaped particularly during the lockdown days, and ready for rocking the stage on the upcoming Mötley Crüe tour. As you will see in the photo Vince posted on Instagram below, he looks like he has lost some weight and pretty confident about his new shape.

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Happy 4th of July!!!

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