Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil‘s girlfriend, Rain Hannah posted some photos from her 38th birthday party on Instagram and thanked Vince for organizing the ‘best birthday ever.’

A few days ago, Vince Neil’s long time girlfriend Rain Hannah turned 38 years old and she celebrated her birthday with the surprise party Vince threw for her by gathering Rain’s close friends living across the country.

Mötley Crüe icon and his girlfriend seemed to need a break after the tragic loss of their beloved dog Cali a few months ago. Cali Neil was brutally murdered by the dogs of their neighbor. Since then, Vince and Hannah have been trying to cope with the death of their 6-year-old family member.

Recently, Vince Neil organized a surprise party for his lovely girlfriend Hannah and gathered her close friends living across the country. Rain Hannah posted the photos of her 38th birthday party on Instagram and thanked Vince for all the efforts he showed to make her happy.

On the caption of her photos, Rain stated how lucky she was to have a boyfriend like Vince and also appreciated the gesture of her friends flying from their cities to be with her on this special day.

Here’s what Rain Hannah stated on the caption of her post:

Still thinking about my amazing surprise-filled birthday! Thank you my two amazing besties Hope McBane & Alexanne Wagner for flying cross country during Covid-19 and totally catching me by surprise!! I don’t know how you all Vince Neil pulled it off! 💕

Moreover, Rain posted another photo with her friends and on the caption, she wrote another thank you note by saying:

Best birthday ever! I’m so grateful to have these fabulous besties Samantha Robertson, Melissa Taylor, Hilary Anderson I never thought of moving to TN I’d find a more awesome group of friends! Thank you for making my birthday very special and extra fun! Oh, what a night 👯‍♀️ Just Missing Brooke Aubrey.💓

You can see the photos Rain Hannah posted on her Instagram account below.