You might already familiar with the news that Vince Neil is working really hard to lose weight for the upcoming Mötley Crüe reunion tour. For that reason, every single new photo of Vince is being talked by the fans on social media.

Earlier this month, a Twitter user named litafxrd posted some of the recent photos of Vince and took her followers’ attention to the similarities between the Mötley Crüe frontman, and his own dog.

As you will see the photo of Vince right below, he looks exactly like the dog he’s holding. Their hair, eyes, and facial gestures; they all look like they are twins, and this beautiful photo went viral in a really short time.

Here is what litafxrd wrote on her tweet:

“It’s funny because this is exactly the dog you’d expect Vince Neil to have isn’t it. Even that little thing is fed up with him and tbh I’d be too.”

Later on, she added yet another tweet:

“Imagine living with him. I’m actually about to wet myself they have the same facial expression “

You can check out the tweet and some funny reactions of the fans: