After the sad and bloodcurdling death of their lovely dog Cali, Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil and his lovely girlfriend Rain Hannah is still trying to pull themself together, and it seems that the first thing they’ll do after the recovery will be dedicating themselves for animal rights.

The Crüe legend Vince Neil’s girlfriend posted a recent photo on her official and verified Instagram account today to remark the 14th day of losing Cali. According to the caption of the post, Rain has shared, the couple decided to fight for justice due to Cali’s death.

After losing their dogs by the brutal attack of two evil neighbor dogs, Rain will try to raise awareness to help needed animals all over the world. She also will aim to protect the rights of the small animals on the streets.

Here is what Rain wrote on her emotional post:

“Today marks the 14th day you got your wings 😇 We are constantly being reminded how hugely you were and are still apart of our life. We know we will see you again. All in God’s time. Know you’re always in our hearts and minds.

We will continue to fight for your justice, raise awareness, and give back to all the helpless animals. And fight for protection and safety for all small animals.”

You can check out the touching photo of Cali right below.