The girlfriend of Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil, Rain Hannah has revealed that they officially have baby fever and are looking for a new puppy long after losing Cali.

As you may recall, the couple, Vince Neil and Rain Hannah was devastated with the heartbreaking death of their beloved dog Cali nearly two months ago. Cali was killed by some other dogs in the neighborhood. Since then, both Neil and Hannah have been trying to find ways to cope with the grief of the loss of a family member.

They have kept sharing the lovely photos that remain after Cali and commemorate their deceased dog in every possible way, including donating food to an animal shelter, an act which will honor their true dedication and love of Cali.

Recently, Rain Hannah has signaled that they have almost completed their journey of recovery after the tragic loss and confirmed that Vince and she are on the hunt for their next fur baby. She asked her followers if they get another Yorkie and what is their favorite dog breed.

Here is what Rain Hannah said in her Instagram post:

“It’s official… We have baby fever! And are on the hunt for our next fur baby… should we get another Yorkie? 💫🐶

What’s your favorite dog breed?”

You can see the post below.