Mötley Crüe vocalist Vince Neil’s girlfriend, Rain Hannah, has shared yet another special video of herself while she was working out at the gym of her own house via Instagram.

As you can watch the video below, she took a mirror selfie video of herself in a black crop top and really hot tights that unveils her curves. Also, she mesmerized her followers with this daring dance performance.

In addition, she wrote an important message with this video and warned everyone to stay at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. She has started a new challenge with this video.

Here’s the message of her:

When you are stuck at home you just gotta dance cause no ones looking! until. You film it and post it. #Stayatyourhomechallenge.”

You can watch the video of her right below.

A few weeks ago, Rain Hannah had posted a photo of herself on her Instagram and wrote a touching letter about the coronavirus. She had broken her silence about the coronavirus outbreak thanks to it.

Also, she indicated that every single person needs to be calm and keep safe during this process.

Here’s what she made the statement:

“How I really feel about COVID -19 !!! I keep praying and meditating. When all feels hopeless know that God has a plan and trust in him.

Dig deep into your soul and use this time wisely. 🙏🏻 Before we know it life will be back to normal and we will be saying remember when! Wishing we didn’t have to work and that we could stay home and veg out! 🙏🏻”

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