Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil’s girlfriend, Rain Hannah, has confirmed that she took part in the latest publication of the famous children book series, ‘Heavy Metal Harry,’ along with Neil through her recent post on Instagram Stories.

As you may know, ‘Heavy Metal Harry’ author Paul Fessock has announced that he’s getting ready to release a Vince Neil special book, ‘Heavy Metal Harry’s First Gig,’ among his series which teaches about friendship, overcoming obstacles, resilience, and heavy metal music through the journeys of a boy named Harry.

Portraying a role model for children, Harry is about to perform in his first school talent show in ‘Heavy Metal Harry’s First Gig.’ As Harry has been practicing his guitar with his friend, ‘Socks,’ he met Mötley Crüe star, Vince Neil, who gives him advice on how to perform on stage.

Both to promote the new project related to Neil and to give the great news that she’ll be on the book as well, Rain Hannah has taken Instagram Stories, re-posting the announcement of the cloud shop, H2N, about ‘Heavy Metal Harry’s First Gig.’

Here’s what was said in the Instagram post that Rain Hannah shared on Instagram Stories:

Rain is in the children’s book too! Read all about Harry and his pal Socks when they meet legendary Rock singer, Vince Neil!”

You can see the post below and pre-order the book here.