Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil‘s girlfriend Rain Hannah shared The Guardian’s post revealing shocking news about slavery-like labor in Chinese PPE factories on her official Instagram stories stating that the incident made her sick.

The Guardian recently shared a post on their official Instagram page revealing an investigation about the Chinese PPE factories and apparently, they may be using North Korean citizens as slave labor in the factories under poor conditions, such as without payment, or a little one, no holidays, working hours up to 18, sometimes 24 hours.

Here is what the caption of The Guardian’s post said:

“Chinese PPE factories may be using North Korean slave labor.

The Guardian has spent three months investigating Chinese factories exporting PPE to countries including the US, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Myanmar.”

Rain Hannah shared the documentary on her official Instagram Stories, expressing her loathing for the greed of humanity after seeing the people working under inhumane circumstances. Rain also thanked those who were willing to make a change and bring out the truth.

Here is what Hannah said:

“This makes me sick! Green runs the world! And we are all sucked in the middle of it! Thank you to the activists advocating for a change! It all starts with the truth and making us aware of these issues.”

You can see Rain Hannah’s Instagram story and The Guardian’s post below.

Photo Credit: Rain Hannah – Instagram Stories