In a casual tweet on his verified Twitter account, iconic Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee (57) has shared a new photo of himself, showing off his perfect tattooed body.

Tommy Lee took to social media to pay attention to the social responsibility project about animal furs. As part of this project, he appeared in front of the camera and undressed to draw attention to animal rights.

His photo has received 1k likes in a really short time, and most of the followers stopped in the comment section to appreciate his wonderful awareness.

Here’s what Tommy Lee wrote:

“I’m proud to have been a part of this iconic campaign! After 30 years,
@PETA is ENDING their #RatherGoNaked Than Wear Fur ads. N

early every designer has stopped using fur AND cities, states, and countries are banning it all over the world. Fur is DEAD.”

A Twitter user named @sixxsmith said this:

“You’re really really cool great 😍👍💥”

Another fan named @samuelj41944686 wrote this:

“Wow very cool!”

Check out the tweet below.