Mötley Crüe legend Nikki Sixx wrote a recent tweet and slams The Republicans and Donald Trump in a very extraordinary way.

Here is what Nikki Six wrote:

“Let’s start a band called “The Republicans”. Obviously the first single is called “Grab Them By Their P***y’s” it I seriously need some song titles from you.

I’m in a writing frenzy watching Fox, MSNBC and CNN.”

You can see the tweet below:

Yesterday, Sixx wrote another message to his followers and revealed the latest information about his health status after a hard shoulder surgery:

“Dr said another month is this cage stabilizer for my shoulder. Since I can’t play bass, shoot photo sessions or workout I guess I’ll take to painting with my left hand at Funny Farm studios.

Thinking of buying a projector to project my paintings on bodies when I can shoot again.”

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