Mötley Crüe recently posted a photo on their official Instagram account and revealed some of the confessions that they had made a while ago to Gerri Miller, which includes some never heard before statements by all the band members and their past.

As you know, Mötley Crüe was founded back in 1981 and it didn’t take longer than two years for the band to reach international fame. However, their groundbreaking music was not the only reason why they often made it to the headlines of international news. The band members were also known for their backstage antics, destroying hotel rooms, and endless alcohol and drug abuse.

Furthermore, all band members, especially Vince Neil after his infamous car accident which led to the death of his friend and the permanent injury of two people, and Tommy Lee’s sex tape were widely known not only in the rock scene but throughout the world. With their recent Instagram post, Mötley Crüe revealed some of the band members’ secrets.

One of them was about Vince Neil’s infamous car accident, about which he said that it really ‘made a differencein his life as it made him wiser and encouraged him to start thinking about his future. As for Tommy Lee, he confessed that he took tap lessons when he was a kid which really helped his drumming career as he learned rhythm and patterns.

As for Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars, their confessions were more related to the band and its position in rock culture and history. Nikki Sixx said that he actually enjoys being an outsider because that makes them ‘villains of rock and roll.’ Mick Mars, on the other hand, said that he hopes they’ll never be liked by his parents because that would mean that they’ve ‘become too safe and predictable.’

Here’s what Mötley Crüe said in the caption of their post:

“Crüe Confessiöns.”

This was Vince Neil’s confession:

The accident made a difference. I’m wiser now. I used to live for the moment. Now I live for the next tour and next album. I don’t want this to end.”

This was Tommy Lee’s:

I took tap dancing lessons when I was a kid, and it really helped my drumming. I learned rhythm and patterns. I dug it, and I got to dance with girls.”

Here’s Nikki Sixx’s:

“We like to be on the outside looking in. We enjoy being the villains of rock and roll.”

Here’s what Mick Mars said in his confession:

“Hopefully, mom and dad will never like us. If they did, that’d mean we were getting too safe and predictable.”

You can check out the band members’ confessions below.

Photo Credit: Mötley Crüe – Instagram