Mötley Crüe recently announced that they teamed up with Brewtality and released their coffee line. They reported the news on Twitter with an amateur advertisement video of the coffee starring Tommy Lee.

After deciding not to tour and signing a contract to prevent them from hitting the road in the future, Mötley Crüe burned the agreement and announced their Stadium Tour in 2019. Due to the pandemic, the tour was postponed and delayed twice. However, it is now kicking off in the summer of 2022.

The band co-headlines the tour with Def Leppard and includes acts from Joan Jett and Poison. The groups are starting with the rehearsals, and Mötley Crüe hasn’t rehearsed together for nine years. Both because they signed their non-touring contract and also due to the pandemic. Hence, the stadium tour is expected to have a lot of surprises from the bands.

Besides their long-awaited tour, Mötley Crüe recently teamed up with the coffee roasting company Brewtality and released their coffee line. Brewtality now sells high caffeine dark roast and an espresso blend coffee under the title of Mötley Crüe. The company also sells a t-shirt of the band for their fans.

The news was announced, and the fans were invited to order the product from Twitter. The promotion video showed Tommy Lee just waking up from sleep. He pursues to drink from the coffee and instantly gets an adrenaline rush from the caffeine while their iconic song ‘Kickstart My Heart’ starts to play in the background. The fans were amazed at how the track fitted the concept and the product.

Here is what the tweet said:

“Join the Crüe! We’ve teamed up with Brewtality to help you kickstart your mornings with our rich flavored high caffeine and high octane blend dark roast & Mötley Crüe Espresso Blend French Roast Order today.”

You can watch the video in the tweet below.

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