As you might all know that Mötley Crüe frontman, Vince Neil, is trying to lose weight for the upcoming reunion tour of the band and his long-time girlfriend, Rain Hannah, was sending lots of pictures of Vince for a long time.

While the legendary frontman is working his ass off to regain his good old body, Mötley Crüe’s official Instagram page shared a photo of Vince from his younger days.

As you will check out the photo of Vince below, he looks really skinny and fit as he tries to be these days.

Here is what’s written in the caption:


While one of the users who liked the photo was Nikki Sixx’s wife, Courtney, a user named crue_infatuated wrote this:

“Has anyone received their new Tee shirts yet … I know they were being shipped in January….still waiting 🤘🏻”

Another user, lauralee_flood wrote this:

“Super sexy 🔥Vince so high school 80 s love it love the Crüe I’ve set you up 4 times – stagehand here xo.”

You can see the photo of Vince right below.

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