Mötley Crüe’s lead vocalist Vince Neil‘s girlfriend Rain Hannah took the Instagram account of their recently deceased dog Cali to announce and mourn after another death in the family and Vince also couldn’t hide his sadness over the tragic loss.

As you might remember, Vince Nail and Rain Hannah could not get over the death of their beloved dog Cali for many months. While they still feel sad about the loss of their lovely dog, the couple heard yet another devastating news from another family member.

Recently, Rain Hannah shared a photo of a dog named Sweet Potato on the Instagram account dedicated to their late dog, Cali Neil. In the caption of her post, Rain mentioned Sweet Potato also sadly passed away and she is now in heaven with Cali.

Furthermore, according to the comment she left on her post, the cute little dog was the child of Vince Neil’s daughter Elle Loomis and his son-in-law Will Loomis. Unfortunately, Sweet Potato has passed from this world on Thanksgiving day, just one day after her first birthday.

Here’s what Rain Hannah wrote in the caption:

“Everyone, please say a pray for Sweet Potato. 🙏🏻She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is in heaven with Cali. She had a wonderful 1 year and 1day on this earth.

She loved, played, and brought lots of joy to all those who were around. Her memories will always live on to all she touched. All our love Sweet Potato R.I.P baby girls. 💔🌹

R.I.P, 11-24-2019 ~ 11-25-2020.”

Later on, Hannah added this as a new comment:

“Thank you all. She was Vince’s Daughter and Son-in-laws’s fur child. She was apart of the family and we mourn with them. 🐾🙏🏻💔”

After Rain Hannah shared the post on Instagram, her beloved husband Vince Neil went to the comment section of the post and shared his condolences by making a reference to their late dog Cali.

Here is what Vince Neil stated in his comment:

Cali will see you in heaven.”

You can check out the post right below.