One of the most talented bass guitarists of all time, Mötley Crüe star Nikki Sixx had a short conversation with one of his fans on Twitter and gave a piece of crucial life advice.

Nikki Sixx wrote this first:

“I love Instagram so much I kinda forget about Twitter and Facebook sometimes. Different platforms for different information.

Since I don’t use a social media team I’m giving myself a kick in the ass.🤘🏽”

BneJovi responded:

“We forgive you🤔❤️☺️How about an #AskSixx sometime soon, huh?”

Here is what the user named Cassandra asked Nikki:

“#asksixx what’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?”

Nikki Sixx responded and said that:

“Don’t do drugs.”

You can check the tweets of Nikki and his followers’ below.