Co-founder of Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx has made a recent question and answer session on his verified Twitter account, and answered some questions which he got from the fans.

Nikki revealed that his favorite Guns N’ Roses song is “Mr. Brownstone”.

A fan asked:

“What’s your favorite song of Guns N Roses? 😭”

Nikki responded:

“I like Mr Brownstone”

Another fan named Rebecca asked:

“What is your biggest accomplishment in life? #AskSixx”

Nikki replied:

“My 4 (soon to be 5) children and hopefully helping some less fortunate souls along the way.”

Stephie Lea asked:

“My sons band needs a name for their band any ideas?”

Nikki wrote:

“Beware Of Tigers. It’s from an old Warner brothers cartoon. I always loved it. I’m sure it’s available”

Jaya Met K asked:

“Have you heard any good new music lately??”

Nikki responded:

“The best new music is wearing their rock influences on their sleeves. Nice to hear guitars back in the mix. Sure got wimpy for awhile didn’t it?”

Check out the tweets below.