Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx paid attention to a homeless addict guy’s photo and his honest statements on his Twitter page today.

Actually, the photo was taken 3 years ago, but Nikki posted that photo and statement on his Twitter account again.

Nikki wrote:

“Chris. Heroin addict.

He told me he wasn’t homeless he was just an outsider.He sleeps outside.I found that somehow easier on the my heart but I know it doesn’t make it easier on his life.

It quite possibly is just a way to hold on to that last slice of pride or his way of saying he hasn’t given up.The numbers on the wall behind him speak for themselves.”

See the photo and Instagram post below.

Nikki also shared another bizarre photo with this simple message:

“All couples fight from time to time. I’m sorry baby. 🔪 #LooksThatKill”

See the photo belew.