Mötley Crüe’s bass guitarist Nikki Sixx’s daughter, Frankie Sixx, has posted a new photo of herself via her Instagram account.

In the recent Instagram Stories, she has shared a new photo of herself after changing her hair completely. Frankie put a crying emoji on the photo that we can easily think she didn’t like her new look.

You can see the photo of Frankie Sixx right below.

A few weeks ago, Nikki Sixx, reposted a special photo of his lovely wife, Courtney Sixx, on his official Instagram page and took their fans’ attention to the refugee issues.

Courtney shared her experiences at the refugee camp and described this special day with her husband as ‘the most important day’ of her life.

Here is what Courtney wrote:

“Nikki and I had the opportunity to visit a refugee camp outside of Cape Town on Christmas and we were lucky enough to play Santa to the sweetest most deserving, grateful and angelic boys and girls we have ever met. It was just an incredible experience but what was the most amazing part of the day was how happy these children were with practically no material things, living in tin houses… no running water.

I’m so happy I came across this photo today. Sometimes I need to check myself and be so grateful for everything I have. This photo reminds me of how small and insignificant any problems I have actually are and is a great reminder to thank God every day and be grateful.”

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