Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx’s daughter Frankie Sixx has shared some fresh photos of her new tattoo on Instagram.

Recently, Frankie has got a new tattoo on her arm and wanted to show her fans in the Instagram Stories.

Frankie also stated that she can’t wait to see the latest version of her new tattoo and mentioned how good Paul Timman is in the art of tattoo.

Here is what Frankie Sixx said:

“Can’t wait to finish this piece. Thank you so much Paul Timman. Best in the game!”

You can see the pictures below.

In December 2019, Frankie Sixx has shared a photo with her boyfriend and showed how good their relationship goes.

In the picture, we can see them kissing each other while they are celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Here is what Frankie Sixx wrote:

“I already got my Christmas wish”

A fan named Kathy Brown said:

“Cute picture! I love your hair”

Another fan named Betty said:

“Sweetest picture you can really see the love there”

You can check the post below.