Mötley Crüe’s legendary member Nikki Sixx’s beloved wife, Courtney Sixx posted a new and exclusive photo on her Instagram page.

According to Courtney, that special pregnancy photo was taken by his beloved husband Nikki Sixx for the People magazine.

Here is what Courtney wrote on the caption:

“I was so lucky to have Nikki photograph Ruby and me at 9 months pregnant.

What an amazingly special day. It was one of the most memorable and sweetest moments of my life. So excited to share – click on the link in my bio to see all the pics. ♥️”

John 5 commented on the photo:


Gretchen Christine Rossi also commented:

“Just stunning my love!! Nikki did an incredible job! ❤️

I have a pic like this one too, but was nervous to post it 😜 but now you are giving me inspo to just go for it 🙌🏻”

You can see that rare photo below.