Mötley Crüe star Vince Neil recently had an interview with Finland’s Kaaos TV, and revealed interesting facts about him and the band.

Neil says that, they decided not to tour anymore but they are still hanging together, putting out music and still doing things with the band.

Here is what Neil said:

“Just because we stopped touring doesn’t mean we broke up. We just decided not to tour anymore. We still do things with the band.

We’re still gonna put out music, we’re still gonna put out merchandise, we’re still gonna do things as Mötley Crüe — except for tour. That’s really it.”

He also talked about upcoming Mötley Crüe movie:

“The movie’s just another cool Mötley Crüe thing, and it kind of really has nothing to do with touring, It’s a movie. Who knows? In another four or five years, maybe we’ll put something else out. I don’t know. We’re just gonna have to wait and see.

Because I’m busy touring right now. I know the other guys have different projects too. And we’ll see if we can fit in people’s schedules whatever else comes up.”

You can listen interview below:

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