As you might already know, all Mötley Crüe member is working really hard to regain their shape for the upcoming reunion tour. Since Vince is not quite active on social media, his lovely girlfriend Rain Hannah is posting new photos on her official Instagram page frequently.

Today, Rain Hannah has shared a really cute photo of herself with her beloved dog on Instagram Stories. She was looking very bizarre because she tried to make her hair look like her dog’s.

You can see the Instagram Stories of her right below.


In February, Vince Neil had shared a new post on his official Instagram page and made an exciting announcement about a new book called ‘Who Is Heavy Metal Harry?’.

‘Who Is Heavy Metal Harry,’ written by Paul Fessock, makes the wisdom of an educator and a talented musician enjoyable and valuable for children.

Vince Neil took to Instagram to announce his appearance in the next Heavy Metal Harry book. He also announced that the book will be out before the summer.

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