After having a serious beef they had on Twitter, Mötley Crüe and Steel Panther fight spread to another social media platform today.

As you will watch Steel Panther member, Michael Starr’s post right below, Michael referred to Nikki Sixx’s post about the backstabbing tweet he wrote earlier.

Here is what Michael wrote in the caption:

“Hey Siri, what’s “backstabbing”?”

Here is what Nikki Sixx wrote earlier:

“The singer in steal panther can go fück himself… wanna be band putting down @thevinceneil?”

An Instagram user named jmarkpatton5150 made the most-liked comment:

“Im just surprised Nikki didnt find some way to tie this into his “i’m so cool cause i did heroin and died one time” narrative that we have to hear over and over and over and over.”

You can watch the Instagram and Twitter video right below.

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Hey Siri, what's "backstabbing"?

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