Mötley Crüe recently posted an interview they did almost four decades ago on their official Instagram account during which Nikki Sixx talked about the band’s future, claimed that their band is a type of religion, and compared it to Satanism.

Mötley Crüe was founded back in 1981 and they reached international fame just a couple of years later. The band was known for their unconventional music, androgynous stage personae, and heavy sound, but they were also famous for their backstage antics, destroying hotel rooms, and endless alcohol and drug abuse.

Being such a famous and infamous band at the same time, during an early interview a year after the band’s formation, in 1982, they were asked whether they believe in Satan and practice Satanism. Nikki Sixx responded by saying that although what they’re doing and believe in are not related to Satan, Mötley Crüe can still be seen as a religion.

Nikki Sixx went on to explain what he meant by this, and said that when there are 5,000 people ‘all believing in this band,’ that makes Mötley Crüe a religion. He confifently added that no one will be able to stop their increasing success as they’re going ‘straight to the top‘ because they’re ‘red hot,’ and it seems like Nikki Sixx was right about that.

Here’s what Mötley Crüe said in the caption of their recent post:

“Some interview clip I came across and thought sharing it to the world. Pretty much rare and from 1982! Do you think Nikki is right about this?”

Here’s what Nikki Sixx said in the interview:

“People say it’s Satanism. You can say were a religion because when you have 5,000 kids, all believing in this band, that is religion.”

The interviewer chimed in and said:

“It is Satan carrying us further and further all the time. It’s selling your soul.”

Sixx continued by saying:

“Nobody’s gonna stop us. Were going straight to the top, we’re red hot.”

Click here to check out the video that Mötley Crüe posted on their Instagram account.