After the world started to struggle from coronavirus in early of this year, most of the sports events, tours, meetings are canceled or postponed.

Unfortunately for the metalheads like us, we were devoid of listening to our favorite bands live like Alice Cooper, Pearl Jam, Rammstein, KISS, and many more.

As you might remember, Mötley Crüe decided to reunite for the summer after the huge interest for the biographical film of Mötley Crüe, The Dirt, and they named the tour as ‘The Stadium Tour.’

But, there were lots of problems with the band. Firstly, they needed to get in shape for the tour. The manager of the band, Allen Kovac, announced that band members are sticking into the hard diet program and cardio session.

Even though they started to lost weight and got ready for the tour, there was a second problem that the band faced and couldn’t solve as themselves, coronavirus.

However, Mötley Crüe didn’t want to postpone the tour right away and waited for the progress of the outbreak because they wanted to play in front of the crowd as soon as possible.

While all the fans were waiting for an announcement from the band about the fate of the tour, Mötley Crüe made the announcement finally in the earlier of May. They stated that the band is still considering the options about the tour and made an official announcement until June 1, which is today.

Mötley Crüe didn’t break their promise and made an official statement about the future of ‘The Stadium Tour.’ However, there is no good news for now. They decided to postpone the tour into summer 2021.

Also, the dates of the tour and the refund policy are not certain yet. The band will be updating more information in the future about these topics.

Here is the official announcement from Mötley Crüe:

“We wanted to continue to communicate with our fans and update you with valid information as it becomes available.

The official decision has been made to move all 2020 North American Stadium Tour dates into the summer of 2021.

The new stadium dates are being rescheduled, your tickets will be honored for all postponed shows and refund policy information will be made available shortly. Stay tuned, be safe and we will see you next year.”

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