As the whole Mötley Crüe community is eager to hear some new words from the band members about the future of the upcoming tour, The Crüe legend Mick Mars took to social media and shared a new message for the fans.

Unfortunately, this message was not about the upcoming stadium tour. Mick Mars shared one of his rare message on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts and thanked fans who celebrated his 69th birthday.

While penning great words for his followers, Mick also called coronavirus as ‘crap’ on that message.

Here is what he wrote:

“Thank you for all the massive amounts of Happy birthday. So awesome. I hope you all are staying safe with all this COVID19 crap. Peace 👽 🛸”

Later on, a Twitter user named Vince Vengeance celebrated Mick’s birthday:

“Hi, Mick, I know it’s a little too early for your time zone, but here in Russia it’s May 4th already, so I couldn’t wait to wish you a HB.

Too bad it’s midnight, or I’d order some pizza or sushi so I could celebrate too. Haha 😀 Happy space BIRTHDAY.”

Mick Mars responded personally:

“Thank you for the kind words Vince. 👽🛸”

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