Legendary guitarist of Mötley Crüe, Mick Mars has shared a new announcement on Twitter and said that he’s working on getting a verified icon for his official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page.

Mick Mars said:

“Thank you, everyone, for understanding about this fraudulent account. I’m working on getting verified today. On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Again, thank you all.
Peace. “

As you can remember, he was really pissed at the fake Twitter and social media pages which opened as his name. Here’s what he wrote two days ago:

“Attention: all my friends, fans and followers. There is a fake Mick Mars account on Twitter. I have had several of you tweeting me asking if I have another account. Absolutely not. This is my real official account. @mrmickmars

Anyone else using my name or likeness is a fake”

Check out the tweets below.