Legendary lead guitarist of Mötley Crüe, Mick Mars has shared some strong quotes from some celebrities of music world and movies on his Twitter account.

First of all, Mick shared a Lady Gaga’s that word:

“The only way to prepare for sessions is to first build your internal focus. You have to prepare like a fighter, know how to duck and weave, when to attack, when to play rope-a-dope.”

Another quote he shared is:

“The true art of being young is knowing how to defy gravity and upset as many people as possible while doing it. How to penetrate the great secrets of the universe and damn the torpedoes. How to stir the demons of our destiny…”

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A week ago, he shared a crucial statement about his Twitter page:

“Attention : all my friends, fans and followers. There is a fake Mick Mars account on Twitter. I have had several of you tweeting me asking if I have another account.Absolutely not. This is my real official account. @mrmickmars. Anyone else using my name or likeness is a fake.”

And also added:

“Thank you everyone for understanding about this fraudulent account. I’m working on getting verified today. On Twitter, instagram and Facebook. Again, thank you all. Peace.”

Check out the recent tweet below.