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Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx opened up about whether he would do a reality show called “Sixx and the City” with a recent tweet.

A Twitter user named Cult Daddy asked:

“Hello please do a reality show called “Sixx and the City” @NikkiSixx”

Nikki gave a very clear answer:

“I will never do a reality show. NEVER. ✔️”

Another fan named Nick D wrote:

“Hey Nikki. I’m a huge fan of the late great Robbin Crosby, and I know you were good friends with him. My question is, what is your favorite memory from your time spent with him?”

Nikki responded:

“All the times we played guitars and talked about our favorite bands. I miss him.

Another Twitter user, Tom Mura, asked:

“I was driving home from work tonight, the radio station played your version of Smoking in the Boys Room.

My question is, How did you guys come up the idea to cover Brownsville Station? It just a curious song to be covered by a metal band.”

Nikki said:

“That’s was Vince’s idea. It really is a great song.”

See the tweets below.