Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx recently shared a short story about Frank Feranna’s death on Instagram, which he included in his new biography, ‘The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx.’.

As you may recall, Nikki Sixx, the author of three autobiographical books, recently revealed that he finished writing his fourth memoir entitled ‘The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx.’ It will reflect the story of Nikki became a rock star and will be released on October 19, 2021.

In his recent Instagram post, Sixx released a part of his upcoming book and told how he killed Frank Feranna and was reborn as Nikki Sixx. As it turns out, he decided to adopt his stage name back when he was a member of London, a band he co-founded with guitarist Lizzie Grey.

Therefore, the bassist asked his friend Carol to help him with the process of legally changing his name from Frank Feranna to Nikki Sixx. Even though the judge was initially reluctant to accept his demand, he was later convinced thanks to Sixx’s stubbornness and Carol’s efforts.

Sixx’s IG post read:

“Nikki Sixx – The First 21 – Scene 3

Hear Rock-and-roll icon and three-time bestselling author Nikki Sixx personally tell his origin story: how Frank Feranna became Nikki Sixx, chronicling his fascinating journey from irrepressible Idaho farm boy to the man who formed the revolutionary rock group Mötley Crüe.

This is the story you haven’t heard…

Coming October 19.”

In Sixx’s words, he said:

“The next day I called Carol. We met in Hamburger Hamlet and I told her about my dad and my band. I told her Frank Feranna is dead and I wanted to make it official. Carol got what I was saying. It’s gonna be okay she said and I’ll help you. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. I wished everyone would quit telling me everything is going to be okay.

True to her word, Carol helped me. Later that week, we went down to the courthouse. Carol told me, ‘Dress as conservatively as you can.’ I interpreted that to mean motorcycle boots, not stilettos, but I couldn’t have dressed conservatively even if I wanted to do. I didn’t have any conservative clothes, plus I have been on a bender, a bottle of vodka at night.

Carol picked me up from wherever I was staying at 7.15 am. She had to pen on the door before waking me up. I had makeup on that was all smeared. I had a crop sleeveless t-shirt and tight-fitting black pants. My head was throbbing, but we got to the courthouse on time. We took a seat on the bench.”

He went on:

“We waited for what seemed like a very long time until my name was called, Franklin Feranna… Carol poked me awake, and I jumped out. The judge gave me a withering look, he was an old guy and grumpy. ‘Sit down’ he said, ‘Do you want to change your name?’ ‘I’m a performer,’ I told him. ‘I want to use my stage name.’ ‘So use it, who’s stopping you? What kind of name is Nikki Sixx anyway!’

‘It’s my name. It’s the name that I wanted to use for the rest of my life.’ ‘Do your parents approve of this?’ ‘I’m twenty-one and don’t need parents.’ ‘Have you thought about how this made them feel, have you thought about your grandparents?’ The judge would not let it go. ‘Has your mother approved, has your father approved?’ ‘My father is dead,’ I told him.

With each question, I slouched farther and farther down on the bench. By now I was sitting on the floor practically, looking down my boots. The judge looked down too. He shuffled some papers, and ‘Okay,’ he said. ‘Have it your way.’ Carol went to the clerk. The court was breaking for the lunch by that point.

So she said ‘Can you mail out the order?’ ‘I can,’ the clerk said, ‘But it would take a long time to arrive. Will you like to write it out by hand?’ Carol said, ‘Sure,’ and she did. Nikki Sixx was the guy who walked out of that courthouse.

Apparently, Nikki Sixx always knew that the farm boy Frank was doomed to die when he chose to become a rock star. Also, his fans found this story very astonishing and inspiring and shared their thoughts in the comments section under the post.