Mötley Crüe’s legendary star, Nikki Sixx posted a new photo on his verified Instagram page to ask an important question to the fans and learn their opinion.

Sixx asked if his fans want him to bring back his Theatre Of Pain Home Sweet Home bass for the upcoming shows.

Here is the caption:

“Anybody want me to bring back my Theatre Of Pain Home Sweet Home bass? @schecterguitarsofficial THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

A user named codzfasha wrote this:

“Only if it’s available in signature model…”

Another user celestelea71 said that:

“It’s funny how a pic of a striped bass can immediately take you back to high school in the 80’s and writing “Motley Crue” inside every textbook. Life was so simple and good❤️🎵”

And here is the photo: