Mötley Crüe’s iconic bassist Nikki Sixx posted a photo with his daughter Frankie Sixx on Instagram and asserted none of his achivements could be compared with the pride he felt seeing his daughter working hard to succeed.

As you might know, the iconic guitarist Nikki Sixx has a daughter named Frankie from his marriage with Donna D’Errico. Nikki’s 19-year-old daughter, Frankie Sixx is a famous social media influencer who is also known for her extraordinary works as a make-up artist.

Recently, Nikki welcomed his daughter Frankie at his house in Wyoming where he moved permanently with his wife Courtney Sixx and their daughter Ruby. Sixx posted a picture with Frankie on his Instagram account which was taken during a morning walk along the Snake River.

On the caption of his post, Nikki mentioned he had been lucky throughout his career full of various achivements. However, he suggested that none of them could be compared with how proud he felt hearing Frankie had many dreams and working very hard to achieve them.

Furthermore, Sixx stated he had a perfect day with his daughter during which she shared her future plans with her dad about how she would make a difference in the world by using the education she received in college.

Here’s how Nikki Sixx described the father-daughter day he had with Frankie recently:

“Walking along the Snake River taking in the beautiful change of season with my daughter Frankie Sixx today. I’ve been lucky, sold a few records, and played around the world but nothing compares to the pride you feel bubbling up inside you hearing your daughter’s dreams and how hard she is working towards them.

She educates me on things she is learning in college and shares with me how is she gonna use these tools to make a difference in the world. Today was perfect. ❤️”

You can see the photo Nikki Sixx posted on his official Instagram account below.