Mötley Crüe’s long-term drummer Tommy Lee, and bassist Nikki Sixx had a recent interview with SiriusXM.

They revealed the details of their long-time history with Ozzy Osbourne, and what do they really think about him.

Here is the conversation (Transcribed by Alternative Nation):

Nikki Sixx:

“We never knew if Ozzy was messing with us. Like, we weren’t sure if he was our sensei, our psychologist or [thinks] Satan. Like, you never knew and at the same time he would be the sweetest guy ever.

Remember we were doing some shows together and came [inaudible] in a dress, had a blow-up doll and about an ounce of cocaine and says:

“I’m running with you guys tonight”

And his assistant guy that was always with him said:

“No Ozzy, first we gotta do a show”


“Tony, his name was Tony.”

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