After penning an emotional letter to his old-time friend Eva Mozes Kor, Mötley Crüe’s legendary bass guitarist Nikki Sixx posted another heartbreaking tweet on his verified account.

A user named Gabi sent a video of them and said:

“She was so sweet despite what she went through. I’m sorry Nikki.”

Here is what Nikki wrote:

“This is cool. Never seen it.”

Mötley Crüe icon wrote that letter earlier:

“Today as the earthquake hit us in LA I got a call that my friend Eva had passed. She was special person who survived so much evil and yet refused to let that define her. She travelled the world teaching forgiveness.

She texted me a few days ago saying she was going back to Auschwitz AGAIN on another mission to educate people and teach forgiveness. We met a few years ago and she told me she would like to adopt me as her son. She knew my story. As sad as today is I can like so many be happy, proud and joyful that Eva came into our lives. Travel safe sweet lady.”

You can see the tweets below.