Mötley Crüe bass guitarist and co-founder Nikki Sixx made everybody emotional by celebrating father’s day on his official Twitter account.

Nikki wasn’t lucky to have a great family like the rest of many people. When Nikki was a kid, his father and mother abandoned him one by one, and he had to live with his grandparents.

Yesterday was a special day for most of the people because it was international Father’s Day. Nikki, on the other hand, didn’t forget to celebrate this day even though his father wasn’t there for him. While Nikki was calling out all fathers that need to show up for their children, he also showed the feeling of growing lack of a father in this way and saddened the community.

Afterward, Nikki revealed how important it is to be a parent and pointed out that all things he has ever done in music don’t come close for him to be a parent. Then, he wished that his father felt the same.

Nikki Sixx said:

“Tomorrow is a great day to celebrate the fathers that show up. Be a man not an asshole. Your children deserve it.”

One of the fans replied:

“We are a family by single parent adoption—so I enjoy both mother’s and father’s day. Being a parent to my wonderful girl is the greatest joy of my life.”

Nikki Sixx replied:

“That’s fantastic. All the bells and whistles, all the rock n roll, and all the fame doesn’t come close for me to being hands-on parents. Wish my dad felt the same.”

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