Nikki Sixx, the legendary bass guitar player and co-founder of Mötley Crüe, has posted a TBT photo of himself on Instagram and Twitter.

At the bottom of the Twitter post, Nikki has responded to a comment he got from a fan named Dana. As you can see below, he made a little confession about his appearance and described how he actually feels inside.

The fan named Daha said:

“Wow, u look so young! 😎”

Nikki replied:

“Young on the outside old on the inside.”

A fan named Kevin said to Nikki:

“You’re only as old as you feel!”

Another fan named Roberta commented:

“Absolutely. Young on the outside but damn I feel like I am 80. Pushing 50 next year.”

Check out the tweet below.

You can reach the photo that Nikki shared on Instagram below. Here’s the caption that he wrote:

“Always a good day to count my blessings. 32 years alive a kicking since Dec 23, 1987, #Sobriety #LifeForce #PositiveBreedsPositive”

See the photo below.