The co-founder and bass guitarist of the legendary band Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx, recently posted a sorrowful tweet on his Twitter account and paid tribute to a star who changed his life forever.

As you may know, Nikki Sixx has a complicated family history and he spent most of his childhood living with his grandparents. However, there was one person who made his tumultuous family life a little bit better and gave Nikki a chance to pursue his dream.

With his recent tweet, Nikki Sixx paid tribute to his uncle, Don Zimmerman, and expressed his sadness and heartbreak. It seems like Don was one of the few bright lights in Nikki’s troubled teenage years and one of the people who believed in him.

As you may recall, Don Zimmerman was the producer and president of Capitol Records and his passing saddened the rock world. Nikki thanked his uncle Don for sending him albums when he was living with his grandparents in Idaho and always making his life better.

Nikki Sixx said that Don changed his life by giving him a chance and bringing him to Los Angeles to live with him so that he can pursue his career as a musician. He said that Don actually changed the rock n’ roll in the ’80s and that he will never be forgotten. This passing saddened Nikki Sixx who must have felt like he lost one of his biggest supporters.

Here’s what Nikki Sixx wrote in his tweet:

“RIP Don Zimmerman. You changed my life forever by sending me albums when I was a kid in Idaho with a big dream and then by bringing me to Los Angeles to live with you, you actually changed rock n roll in the ’80s. God bless your family and friends. Thank you.”

You can check out the tweet that Nikki Sixx posted on his Twitter account below.