The bass player and co-founder of Motley Crue, Nikki Sixx has shared a new tweet about his grandma Nona on his verified and official Twitter account.

A few months ago, Nikki Sixx had made a short statement about his experiences with his grandmother, grandfather, and other family members.

Here’s what he said earlier:

“I didn’t know I’d been abandoned because I went to live with my grandparents and they were the complete opposite. My grandfather was a mechanic and grandmother was a homemaker, and we moved every six months.

We were very, very poor and lived in trailers, but they gave me unconditional love and undying, unbreakable commitment. My mom would call and they’d say, “Hey, your mom’s on the phone.” I’d say, “Just have her call back,” because I disconnected. I don’t know if I ever 100% reconnected with society – I don’t believe that there are any rules that exist for me.

My dad died in the 1970s, my grandmother in the 80s, my grandfather a couple of years ago, and my mom died recently, alone. My sister went to her bedside but I wouldn’t go. I said to myself, “I should probably go,” but I could never connect the string. I called my sister and she said she totally understood if I don’t come, and I said, “I just don’t feel that she deserves it.” I could never connect the umbilical cord again. But it’s OK. I’m at peace with it.”

Today, Nikki Sixx didn’t forget celebrating the birthday of his grandmother, and Nikki penned a really sincere message.

Here’s what Nikki wrote in the tweet:

“Happy birthday to my grandma Nona who basically raised me as a boy.#Nona #RIP.”

A user named Roberta Mattimore wrote:

“Happy Birthday to your Nona. She raised you into a good person. RIP. God Bless her. She is watching over you.

She is happy. So am I. You have come full circle in life. Damn proud of that. You are an inspiration. Loves to you and your family.”

Another fan named Micky Fig commented:

“I have a strong feeling that her love helped you to turn things around! I live on Nona St btw! Wow!

I can say I live on a street named after Nikki Sixx’s Grandmother! (Whether it’s true or not) It’s a GREAT street and neighborhood too! Go figure!”

You can see the tweet right below.