Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx has reacted to 90’s legendary R&B musician R. Kelly for his documentary called “Surviving R. Kelly”.

Nikki tweeted:

“Saw the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary and am shocked he is not in jail or dead.

The sad sick thing is he still has millions of followers + fans that turn a blind eye to his child molestation as he keeps slipping through the cracks but what about all the peoples lives he ruined?”

A fan name Jeff Kreitel responded to him:

“That’s a tough one. If something came out where you guys did the same thing, I’d still listen to your music, but I’d hate your guts and wouldn’t spend another damn dime on your stuff.”

See his tweet below.

According to Wikipedia, Surviving R. Kelly is a six-part Lifetime documentary detailing sexual abuse allegations against singer R. Kelly. Click here to details.