Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx reacts to drummer Briend Fried’s The Dirt critics on his official Twitter account.

Sixx, reminded the Möntley Crüe’s accomplishments and whole carrier to Fried, and have been supported by the fans.

Briend Fried:

“Damn, the dirt sucked ass.”

Nikki Sixx responded:

“Let me know when you’ve sold over 100 million albums, sold out arenas for decades and been together 40 years hot shot.”

A fan named Mark said:

Loved the film Nikki. This is Mark from the UK. Saw your first British gig at Donnington 1984!!!”

Sean wrote that:

Had a blast hanging out with you and has been with Kelly Gray, my now wife and daughter Shelly. LOVED The Dirt! Wish they made it into a four-part miniseries.

A fan named Dusty tweeted:

I thought it rocked and watched it twice. Know I missed some back ground stuff so will watch it a third time. ROCK ON NIKKI!!!!

Johnny said:

I thought it was great. However, I think there should be The Dirt 2 through 10 though 🙂

You can see the tweets below: