The bass player and co-founder of Motley Crue, Nikki Sixx, has reacted to a message he got from a fan on Twitter and said that his anger is one of the most important inspiration sources of him.

A fan named LCS Photos has posted XXL Magazine’s article with the headline, ‘What’s the most disrespectful diss track of all time’, and said:

“Bastard by Mötley Crüe suggests murder as an option. I guess that’s disrespectful. 🤔😂 @nikkisixx”

Nikki responded:

“Anger can be a great inspiration.”

A fan named Marlene responded:

“Anger happens within us, that motivates us to change, hatred are those feeling of intolerance towards others”

Another fan named LSC said:

“Yes. Anger is an energy, from the gospel according to John Lydon.”

Check out the tweet below.

Listen to the song in which the fan is mentioned below.