Mötley Crüe legend Nikki Sixx wrote a new tweet on his verified Twitter page and revealed bizarre ‘spitting’ moment he had with the common friend with his beloved wife, Courtney Sixx.

Sixx explained how their friend accidentally spat on his wife.

Here is what he wrote:

“Went to the restroom tonight during a group dinner and when I came back our friend had accidentally spilled her whole glass of wine on my wife.

I immediately thought her water broke. Close call but no cigar.4 weeks to gö.”

A user named The Doc commented:

“Must have been white wine or I’d have been #911 @NikkiSixx”

Another user named Sydney said that:

“Oh my gosh. My sister is due on July 10th. Her first child. I’m so excited, we may have potential birthday buddies!! 🙈🙈”

You can see the tweets below: