Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has posted a rare photo of a trading shop named “Red’s Trading Post”, where he bought his first electric guitar.

On that post, Nikki also admitted that he actually stole his first guitar in 1972, but he had to leave Seattle because of the minor drug charges. Here’s the story that he shared:

“#RedsTradingPost #TwinFalls #Idaho. This photo hangs in my home….I heard a few years ago they put a plaque outside Reds in my name.I don’t know about any of the other #Dreamers out there but sometimes I just look up in a sky and say “How did this happen again?” 🖤

PS 🏴‍☠️ I actually stole my first guitar in Seattle at a music store around 72 but had to leave Seattle on minor drug charges (selling candy at a Stones concert) and moved to Idaho to work on a farm and save money. Then bought a Les Paul copy at Reds and headed for #losangeles”

A fan responded to Nikki:

“You’re amazing Nikki! So inspiring. Ive seen you twice in concert, Atlanta and Nashville, and the Crüe was the best show I’ve ever seen live. And I’ve been to many concerts. Keep doing you. Im 4 months clean and sober from heroin and opiates, and you continue to inspire me to this day. Much love from Tennessee! 🙌”

An Instagram fan page said:

“Most Awesome! Do you ever think about just heading out on a roadtrip in the future just to Relax & Have Fun enjoying our Country Side? We do have a lot of Beautiful Nature especially in the Pacific Northwest and up & down the Coast 💜📷🏔🏞🌦🌈⚡🌌📷💜 Amazing & Breathtaking any time of year 😎💜😎”

Check out the Instagram post below.