Mötley Crüe’s legendary bass guitarist, Nikki Sixx posted a recent tweet on his official social media account and revealed his favorite Queen album for the first time.

As you might see the tweet of Nikki, he revealed that “Sheer Heart Attack (1974)” is the best Queen album ever.

You can see Nikki’s tweet right below.

Nikki Sixx posted a recent and commont posts on his official Instagram and Twitter pages and shraed an exciting announcement with his fans.

As you might see the explanation just below, Nikki stated that he’s looking for people to play “Nikki Sixx! A New Hard Rock Musical.”

Here is the official statement below:


Posted @withrepost • @arnoldjmungioli OPEN CALL to play NIKKI SIXX!
A New Hard Rock Musical
12noon to 5:45pm
Location: Pearl Studios, Studio 1202
500 8th Ave (between 35th & 36th Streets) 12th Floor
Non-Union Contract.”

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