Mötley Crüe co-founder and bassist Nikki Sixx posted a rarely-seen picture from his youth before legally changed his name, however, his note on the caption had an interesting reference to his own children.

Before founding one of the most iconic bands of all time, Nikki Sixx was known as Frank Carlton Serfino Feranna Jr. However, later in 1978, Frank legally changed his name to Nikki Sixx.

As you might know, the legendary Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx had his first failed marriage with Playboy Playmate, Brandi Brandt. The couple had three children named; Gunner, Storm, and Decker. Sixx later got married to Donna D’Errico and has his daughter Frankie Sixx. Since 2014, Nikki has been happily married to Courtney Sixx and they had a little girl named Ruby.

Recently on Instagram, Nikki Sixx posted a rarely-seen photo of himself from the time he was around 18 years old. As you will see in the photo below, Nikki is looking young and handsome with his long hair. On the caption of his post, Sixx made an interesting reference to his children by claiming he could see their future in this specific photo of himself.

Here’s what Nikki Sixx stated on the caption of his post:

“17 maybe 18. I can see my children’s features in this photo. #Hollywood #1970s”

You can see the photo Nikki Sixx posted on his official Instagram account below.