Mötley Crüe’s legendary bass guitarist, Nikki Sixx posted a recent tweet on his official and verified Twitter account today to share his sincere message with fans.

As you might check out the tweet below, Nikki Sixx stated that he’s listening to his favorite bands’ first albums for a while.

Here is what Nikki shared with his followers:

“Been going back and listening to all my favorite bands’ first albums.

It’s cool to look back and see how far they came.”

Here is what a user named Christy wrote:

“I was analyzing Motley’s stuff earlier, you guys have come a long way music wise also since you guys first started in 1981.🤘”

Another user named sixxisdesigns wrote this:

“There is nothing like your roots… I still listen to Live Wire, Looks That Kill, and Piece of Your Action.. love it just the same as I always have.great stuff man!

I had a tapestry of Girls Girls Girls i used as a headliner for my car… sold the car with it as a #bonus.👍”

Check out the tweet below.