During the recent question and answer session on Twitter, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has shared his method for dealing with haters on social media.

A fan named Franco asked:

“Advice on how to deal with haters?

Nikki has a simple response as follows:

“Block and delete”

Another fan named Belle asked:

“How do you get through a shitty rehearsal? (pls help I’m goin through it right now)”

Nikki responded:

“Gotta have a ton of shitty ones until you get better. It’s the way of the sword. No shortcuts..”

Steven Widyatmadja wrote to Nikki:

“Any chance for a live version of The Dirt? now my favorite Crüe song

Nikki replied:

“Unfortunately we sold off all our old equipment.”

Shaey Williams asked:

“What was your reaction to Douglas Booth’s impression of you in The Dirt?”

Nikki responded:

“He’s jumped head first into the fire. He took it ALL on and kicked its ass. Not an easy character to play if I do say so myself.”

A fan page asked:

“Are you done with your first Schecter Sixx bass or are you just moving onto other types of basses?”

Nikki responded:

“No I love my @SchecterGuitars Sixx bass but WE are gonna launch a Jazz style. NEEDS A NAME ✍️”

Check out the tweets below.