Mötley Crüe founder and bassist Nikki Sixx had a recent interview with Trunk Nation, and revealed the untold story of how did he get his name.

Here is the interview (Transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

Trunk Nation

“First of all, how did you come up with Nikki Sixx?”

Nikki Sixx:

“I was in a band called London and I changed my name to Nikki – I was Nikki London from London, ’cause all my favorite bands were from London, and I wasn’t a big thinker.

But I figured I don’t want to be Nikki London of London, I don’t know why that kept coming to my head, so I was going to change my name to Nikki Nine.

But there was this girl, we were sharing a bed together, and she had a boyfriend named Nikki Six, so I said, ‘Not only am I gonna steal his girlfriend, I’m gonna steal his name.’ It was a joke that turned out pretty cool. Isn’t that weird?”

Trunk Nation

“I know you made the contract [about not touring again], the final show. But with the success of this movie ‘The Dirt,’ is there any chance that it inspires the band to play again?”

Nikki Sixx:

“That’s a target, that’s a target. Everybody’s thinking about it, but we’re not. And I don’t even mean that in a negative way, we just haven’t really talked about it at this point.

To be honest with you, this movie was so important for us, and this new music was so important for us, we never thought it would happen. Me and Tommy have been pretty open about the fact that the band ended and we weren’t even talking, and that was hard because we were best friends.”

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