The iconic Mötley Crüe star Nikki Sixx is a famous photographer, as well as being one of the most legendary musicians of all time.

In case, Nikki Sixx has an official social media account named ‘Nikki Sixx Photography’ on Instagram, and he’s just sharing his special photos on that account.

On these days, Nikki Sixx changed the biography of this Instagram account and named the cameras as his new drugs.

Here is what he wrote on that Instagram page:

“I am a recovering addict. Cameras are my new drug.

Leica M7, Leica SL, and Leica Q. #nikkisixxphotography”

While he’s sending astonishing photos on that page, he’s quite silent for almost 2 months. Here is what he wrote on the latest post he sent:

“Flashback to photographing @how2girl during our pregnancy.

@leica_camera @profotousa 📷”

 You can check out the latest photo of Nikki below.