On Twitter, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx answered some questions from fans. He has revealed the thing that hurt his brain. A fan asked:

“New year resolution? 🤓”

Nikki responded:

“1 have 2 lists. One titled CREATIVE and one titled PERSONAL GOALS. I am gonna busy making positive shit happen.”

A fan said:

” ‘Busy’ is the enemy of value. We’re all busy, but only some of us have produced value.”

Nikki wrote:

“That hurt my brain. What I know is ‘Some people don’t know and some people don’t know they don’t know’ “

Another fan asked:

“How did you feel once you accomplished something beautiful with the Crue like being in the biggest rock band the world has seen”

Nikki said:

“I didn’t pay attention when we were on top. It felt the same to me. The focus was the same as before the first album. Now I might of gotten nostalgic a bit.

You can see the tweets below.